I am a London based developer advocate with a passion for mobile


I work for Microsoft, splitting my time between working from home and our London Reactor space.


I love to drink coffee, chat and learn new things! If you want to have a natter then my inbox is always open!

Things I do

My Story

I started developing with .NET when I was just 13 years old. Skip forward many years and I took my experience with .NET and began a mobile journey with Xamarin.

At Xamarin I worked as an Evangelist, sharing the joys of cross-platform C# development, targeting iOS, macOS and Android.

Since the acquisition of Xamarin, I’ve had a few roles including Program Manager, Global BlackBelt and now Cloud Advocate.

My role as a Cloud Advocates see’s me creating content to help developers leverage Microsoft’s Azure Cloud.

Where I’ve Worked

2018 - Now

Cloud Advocate - Microsoft

2016 - 2018

Program Manager - Microsoft


Developer Evangelist - Xamarin

2013 - 2014

Support Engineer - Xamarin

2010 - 2013

Developer Support Engineer - Pharos

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