I’m Mike,

A Brit living in the Netherlands, I work for Microsoft helping customers build connected cloud apps that leverage Azure.

I’ve always been incredibly interested in computers having had a computer in my bedroom from the age of 4. I started teaching myself to program at 13 whilst being equally interested in theatrical lighting control systems. At age 16 I chose to pursue a career in theatre rather than IT, but found the prospect of software development too alluring, having spent most of my theatre career writing software.

Fast forward some years and I’m working full-time, writing software, specialising in mobile development. I joined Xamarin as a support engineer helping customers be successful with C# on iOS and Mac (I’m a horrible Android developer). After 18 months in this role, I was offered a promotion to Developer Evangelist which saw me touring Europe growing our community of developers.

Since then, Microsoft acquired Xamarin and I’ve had a few roles from Program Manager to engineer for the Global Black Belt team. The focus of my time at Microsoft has been focused on learning as much as possible about how to design and architect distributed cloud backends for advanced workloads.


Being productive at work requires time away from tech to provide some variety in creative outlets. Below are a few of my favourite hobbies.


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My Apps

Most of my time is spent hacking on code for you, the community to use in your projects. Below are some of the apps I’ve built which I’ve hosted on Github so you can grab the code and reuse it in your own apps.

Contoso Maintenance My StepCounter   Beer Drinkin