Auto LayoutiOS

Auto Layout 101 with Xamarin

Until recently I'd done an amazing job of avoiding Auto Layouts on anything other than demo apps, instead opting to create my layouts with springs and structs. All my apps within…
Mike J
December 7, 2015

iOS Awesomizer

A couple of weeks ago I started writing a library to speed up the development of iOS app. My aim was to make creating beautiful iOS apps even easier and share more…
Mike J
November 30, 2015

Facebook Authentication with Azure

Important Note Microsoft have recently released Azure App Services which aims to replace Mobile Services. I will be writing an updated guide shortly.   Azure Mobile Services (AMS) is a great…
Mike J
November 25, 2015

Watch out, we support WatchKit!

Xamarin have just announced preview support for Apple Watch and I can’t express how excited I was over the weekend playing with our internal preview build. At this moment time, getting…
Mike J
January 20, 2015