Xamarin.iOS Auto Layout Tutorial 101

Creating a simple Azure backend POC for your mobile app 

Xamarin.iOS Animations

Custom controls for iOS with Xamarin

Add Azure to your .NET App with just 4 LOC using App Service Helpers


Native iOS, Android, and Windows Phone apps from ONE C# Codebase

Jazoon TechDays

Go Mobile with C#

Mjølner Seminars

Connected Azure Apps

Build cloud connected apps with Xamarin and Azure

NDC London

Joined by Senior MAD TSP at NDC, Mike and Rich walk you through the initial steps to below the Bait News backend and then look at adding V2 features to the client app.

 Dutch Xamarin User Group

I popped over to the Netherlands to present at the local Xamarin user group. I chatted about App Service Helpers and Bait News.

Evolve 2016

Senior Program Manager of Azure Mobile Apps Adrian Hall joins me to show you how to build a super simple todo list.


Random things I’ve presented.

Evolve 2014

Live streamed and also my job interview for becoming an evangelist, the stakes were high. This is pretty early days and Mac developments moved on some way.